Jennifer Snowdon
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Beauty is an outward expression of your inner intention.






Before I even put brush to powder, I think about the person sitting in my chair. What will bring out their natural beauty? What can I do to make them feel themselves or to feel a character through and through? There are certain rules to follow when making a person up for the stage, film, or HD cameras. I give nods to each of these classic techniques, but apply a certain truth element to everything I touch. Above all, my art-form is about essence. This is how you summon the truth from make-up.

I Make It Up True.


A Selection of Work

Jennifer Snowdon Professional Reel

"I love the faces of the grass roots characters in the films you have worked on. You do such a wonderful job with make-up in presenting their personalities instead of glamorizing."

- Salvatore Petrosino

Director of Film/Animation Operations, School of Visual Arts