Classes + Workshops

Looking to enhance your makeup skills for theater, auditions, HD, or just a night on the town? I’ve got you covered.

Online Custom Makeup Lesson


A customized and private make-up lesson via Skype. Great for people of all ages who are looking to discover their true self through the creativity and artistry of makeup.  Perfect for those who want to learn how to do develop their own look for a special event, on-camera, or screen work (interviews, coaching,YouTube, public speaking, etc.).

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PUBLIC Group Workshops + Seminars

Group workshops are scheduled periodically in New York City. Topics include Makeup Technique, HD Makeup, Audition Makeup, and more.

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Lessons for Actors

Actors can book a private or group lesson to learn the different techniques necessary for TV, HD, Stage, Auditions (video and live) and more. Groups and troupes can book a group lesson to map out a makeup strategy and format for a specific production.

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"Jennifer does so much more than help you put together a make-up look. Her sensitivity, intuition, and humanity take into account the whole person. Jennifer is able to make a person feel like a beautiful human".

- Heidi Armbruster, Actor